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Warranty and return terms

mylicensekeys.com all of your orders from Dan are shipped to our customers via cargo. There are a few things to consider when the cargo company delivers your order. Your orders are delivered to the contracted cargo within 3 working days. The cargo reference number of your order is indicated by sending an e-mail to you regarding the order. No deliveries are made on Sundays due to the fact that the cargo companies are not working.

How should I deliver the cargo package?

Because the cargo company is competing in time , it wants to deliver the product and leave immediately, but there is a sensitive issue . It should not be signed on the cargo form without receiving your cargo package. Before signing the cargo record, please check if the box of your product is damaged due to carrying it. If there is damage in the box for any reason, please return the box to keep a record of the cargo officer without signing any documents related to the delivery. Your new products will be sent to you immediately by US. In the event of the delivery of the defective products, the damage or deficiency of the products in it. mylicensekeys.com he's not responsible.

Is there any deformation in the delivered package?

If there is any doubt in the package brought by the cargo company that the product can be damaged, please check the physical status of your orders by opening the package beside the cargo officer without signing the cargo form. If you do not see a problem, please sign the shipping form. If you think that the products inside the box are damaged in any way, please do not take delivery of the products and ask the cargo officer for cargo damage report. (Please do not take delivery of the recorded products. mylicensekeys.com a products must come back.)

The products that are kept in the minutes will be exchanged and re-shipped to you.


Defective, crushed, broken or damaged delivery.

The duty of the cargo company mylicensekeys.com your exchange from is to deliver safely to the right person by providing a safe transportation. If there is a damage to the product, you can go to the cargo branch and keep the police. After the product has reached us with your minutes, your exchange will be done immediately.


In order to use the right of return in all cosmetic products, the packaging of the product has not been opened, intact and it is subject to the condition that the product has not been used. Due to the right of return, the cargo price of the returned product belongs to the purchaser.

For the realization of your return transaction;

The product to be returned must be shipped with the original package / box received. (For example: products that are glued to the cargo label on the original box and taped to the cargo duct tape are unacceptable.) The product must be returned as received.

The ‘product return form’ at the back of the invoice sent must be filled out completely.

The product to be returned must not be used.

Products that have lost their resellibility and cannot be purchased by any other customer are not refunded.

If the invoice of the product is arranged on behalf of the corporate firm, you need to send it together with the ‘return invoice’, which is cut in the form of ‘product unit price+VAT’, which is arranged by the institution for the refund process. The invoice will not be completed unless the order refunds issued on behalf of the institutions have been deducted from the ‘return invoice’.

Note: before performing your return, review your order mylicensekeys.com it is carried out by the return specialist. Where inspection of the product you want to return is deemed necessary, it shall be sent to the Authorized Service of the trademark or to the supplier company for inspection. Only for product returns mylicensekeys.com please contact us. All refunds mylicensekeys.com must be notified to customer services and mylicensekeys.com to be sent to ‘you must be sent by cargo.



If you are not a taxpayer, you must send the product back to us by signing it after you have completed the information in the related return section on the invoice of our company. Otherwise, your refund will not be completed.

When Your Return Transaction Takes Place:

We will automatically send you an e-mail when you return. The period of reflection of your return transaction On Your statement varies depending on your bank. The period of reflection of the amount returned in your statement plus the balance is realized within 10 working days. mylicensekeys.com it is impossible for ' to intervene in this process. In case of any delay, you can get detailed information from your bank.


You can safely pay for all your purchases.


All our products are originally sold to you from the respective manufacturer.


You can pay with your credit card for all your purchases.

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Our products are offered through user tests according to your needs. With the right orientation, we ensure that you reach the product you are looking for quickly. You can easily reach the product you want to buy and end your shopping by choosing the most appropriate payment option.

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