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Membership Agreement

General terms of use, general rules and legal responsibilities of the site

The terms, rules, and legal obligations set forth below are the exclusive property of the user agreement. mylicensekeys.com (private.mylicensekeys.com) it is recommended to read before use.

If the terms are not suitable for you, please mylicensekeys.com do not use the site. By using the site and completing the form in which your personal information will appear, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in these pages.

My license keys reserves the right to update the contents of this legal notice page at any time and recommends that users visit the legal notice page every time they access the site.

1. Use and security rules

mylicensekeys.com it is open to all members. The services provided on the site are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

In the following written cases, the site management may prevent member's use of the site and reserves the legal rights of the person or persons involved in the following attempts:

1.a. False, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, general morality rules and statements that contain and contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey to record information on the site

1.b. Reproduction of site content in whole or in part without permission

1.c. The user is directly responsible for any damages that may result from the sharing of user rights with third parties (such as user name, password, etc.) or information they have been granted to the user or which they have set up, such as user name, password, etc., with third parties (such information being used by other users). In the same way, the user may not use any personal information such as the IP address, e-mail address, user name belonging to someone else in the internet environment, nor can he Access or use any private information of other users without permission. The user is deemed to have accepted all legal and penal obligations arising from such use.

1.d. Use of software that will threaten the security of the site, prevent the operation of the site and the software used, perform the activities, attempt to make and receive, delete, change the information

2. Use Of Content

2.a. mylicensekeys.com visual and written content presented on <url> is for personal use only. mylicensekeys.com all domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable technical data, applied sales system, business method and business model, including all materials (“materials”) and related intellectual and industrial property rights are owned or licensed and protected under legal protection. Except as otherwise stated, it may not be used for commercial or personal purposes without the express written consent of the company. It is prohibited to publish any of the elements contained in this site on any other media or website or to link to it without the permission of my License Kyes.

2.b. The rights of the software used in the design of these pages and database creation are reserved by my license Kes. Copying or use of such software is strictly prohibited.

2.c. mylicensekeys.com the right of any criticism to’a ' belongs to my licensees, and may be used by my licensees for marketing purposes if required.

3. Responsibilities

3a. mylicensekeys.com the information of users who visit <url> (Duration, Time, pages viewed) is monitored in order to provide better service to them. This information is based on the terms of the privacy policy, to expand and improve the content, advertising, and so on. it is shared with the companies we collaborate on. The purpose of this site is to improve the experience offered to users of the site, and mylicensekeys.com’to develop.

3.b. mylicensekeys.com by entering the e-mail address and password of the user, after completing the sections required for registration and approving the e-mail address, provided that they comply with the conditions set forth in this agreement. mylicensekeys.com you can start using the site.

3.c. User, mylicensekeys.com in the event of a dispute between the parties, the parties shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the dispute is resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, The Intellectual Property Law, the protection of trademarks and patent rights, and the provisions of the law on legal arrangements, the law on obligations, the other mylicensekeys.com you agree to comply with all applicable local, state, national or international laws and regulations regarding the services. Any legal, criminal and financial liability that may arise due to these notices and unlawful use is the responsibility of the user.

3.d. The obligations of the user stated in this agreement or mylicensekeys.com if it is determined that the user does not comply with the general rules stated on the website, mylicensekeys.com my license Kyes reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account temporarily or indefinitely.

3.e. User, other users and visitors mylicensekeys.com you may not engage in disruptive or coercive activities, load/lock servers or databases with automatic programs. Cheating attempts can be found. In case of termination of membership and any legal, criminal liability arising from the situation will accept.

3.f. mylicensekeys.com it is the responsibility of the people to make a backup of the messages made with them and is recommended by my license Kyes. My License Kyes cannot be held responsible for any loss, deletion or damage caused by the failure to backup the messages.

3.g. User , mylicensekeys.com you may not remove or remove any copyright, trademark, and any other intellectual property rights from any material copied or printed by the author.

3.h. Cancellation and deletion of accounts by user mylicensekeys.com it can be done over. The user who has completed his membership will be cancelled. The person who cancels his membership accepts that this transaction is not irreversible.

3.i. mylicensekeys.com or the user's self-terminated user account to delete any records of my license Kyes ' own discretion. The user cannot claim any rights or damages related to the deleted records.

3.j. The relationship between the users of the Site with each other or with third parties is the responsibility of the parties.

3.n. mylicensekeys.com other websites that are not under the control may contain links or references. My license Kyes is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

3.l. My license Kyes reserves the right to use all information related to your user account in connection with its marketing activities, subject to the terms of Use, Privacy Policy and applicable legal regulations.

3.m. Different rules and obligations specific to that section can be specified in certain parts of the site. The persons and organizations using these sections shall be deemed to have accepted these rules in advance.

3.n. Please read the “Privacy Policy” section in order to read our general policy and to protect our users ' personal information and Privacy.

The user agrees that he / she will accept all the provisions of this accession agreement from the moment he / she starts to make use of the service and that he / she will make provision about the agreement itself. The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless my license Kyes from any and all damages that my license Kyes may suffer due to acts contrary to its obligations under this agreement. My license Kyes has the right to recourse to the user for any damages and/or administrative/judicial fines that the user may have to pay to public institutions and/or third parties for his / her breach of contract.

4. Rights and obligations of my licensees

4.a. My license Kyes accepts and undertakes that the user will benefit from the contractual services except for technical malfunctions , and that any personal information that the user makes available to the user will in no way be shared with third parties except for legal obligations. User mylicensekeys.com any electronic sabotage, attempts to interfere with the operation of the site and/or causing an attack, or if an official request is made from the authorities to inform the member of a criminal offense, mylicensekeys.com the member has the right to investigate and disclose his / her identity.

4.b. My license Kyes may make unilateral changes to ensure the continuity of the services it undertakes, without notice to you in this agreement. My license Kyes reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel the service continuously or temporarily, without any reason whatsoever. The user agrees to this right. If there are any changes , the terms of use will be published on the site under the same link and will be notified to users by e-mail if required. Revised terms of use mylicensekeys.com effective from the date of publication in the United States of America and mylicensekeys.com the use of the site or its services will be subject to the revised terms of use from then on.

Contrary to the provisions of this agreement mylicensekeys.com member's membership to the site may be terminated unilaterally by my license Kyes without notice.

5. The Entry Into Force Of The Convention



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